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Battery systems for heavy duty mobility

The activities as part of this pillar focus on acquiring knowledge and skills regarding the development and production of battery modules and packs. Leading Dutch companies can use this knowledge to further develop their distinctive knowledge and skills in house and reduce dependency on international suppliers. This requires knowledge of batteries and the production process. Focus is on two areas:

1. Knowledge development regarding the design, testing and development of innovative, improved and circular battery modules and packs

2. Knowledge development regarding the serial and automated production of battery modules and packs

Hence, this is not about producing battery cells on a large scale, but rather about enabling the manufacturers of, for example, trucks, buses and vessels to create added value when developing and producing battery packs for integration in specific vehicles and vessels.

The new battery systems must be designed to be smart, circular and scalable. In the Battery Competence Center, companies are jointly working on creating development, testing and production environments for battery modules and packs. These environments are available for multiple partners, enabling them to jointly acquire and share knowledge.