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Battery Competence Cluster - NL

Innovation program for a strong Dutch Battery ecosystem

To leverage and accelerate the opportunities provided by battery technology and the energy transition, the industry, knowledge institutes and trade associations are jointly committed to developing a strong battery ecosystem. 

The Battery Competence Cluster – NL is the innovation program for companies, knowledge institutions and organizations that want to work together to acquire knowledge and develop skills in the field of battery technology. The Dutch battery, transport and shipping industry join their forces in the Battery Competence Cluster – NL. 

Opportunities for the Netherlands

The mission of the Battery Competence Cluster – NL is to organize public-private collaborations of battery technology in the Netherlands that will develop the required battery competences and knowledge.

The ambition is to become the leading program on application-driven battery technology development. Resulting in:

  • Unique position within the international battery value chain
  • Less dependence on international supply chain (critical raw materials)
  • Preservation and growth of employment and industry

The 4 thematic pillars of the Battery Competence Cluster – NL

Executive organizations

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