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To take advantage of the opportunities of the energy transition and battery technology and, above all, to accelerate it, the industry, knowledge institutions and sector associations are committed to developing a strong battery ecosystem through various projects.

Projects led by the Battery Competence Cluster - NL


Developing technical competencies through collaboration and building a supply chain for battery packs/systems.

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Realizing climate-neutral mobility by developing a strong Netherlands Battery ecosystem.

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Other national battery projects

Next Gen High Tech

The program that offers solutions for, among other things, new batteries by producing (more) efficient equipment with thin film technology.

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The development of safer next-generation batteries with higher energy densities and longer cycle life

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Maritime Batteries

In emission-free shipping, different types of ships need different types of batteries. This project investigates different aspects of batteries from the perspective of application in the maritime sector.

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This project develops solutions for optimally, safely and sustainably using batteries or fuel cells as alternative energy resource for ship propulsion.

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