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REACT-EU project

Duration: 1 September 2021 - 30 October 2023

The REACT-EU project aims at accelerating the development of technical skills and building a supply chain through a public-private partnership by developing battery packs/systems, carrying out tests and simulations and by means of assembly/production activities. In concrete terms, the acquired knowledge will help improve battery packs and pilot assembly lines in preparation for serial battery production in 2023. This project will serve as a basis for the development of the Battery Competence Center’s wider battery ecosystem and help partners realize that multiple projects are needed to develop a broad set of skills. The REACT-EU project will be used to develop parts of the required skills. 

The React-EU project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Province of North-Brabant as part of OPZuid.

Below a summary of the important (technical) results of the project:

  1. Structural cooperation and program structure, which allows for the development of multiple innovative projects in the battery chain
  2. Completion of a pilot production line for prototyping - DAF Trucks & TNO at the Automotive Campus Helmond
  3. Completion of a pilot production line for serial battery production - VDL & ELEO
  4. Knowledge base that enables companies to make better choices in respect of procurement, development, production, treatment, (re)use and recycling of batteries. This knowledge base consists of:
    • Modular design of battery modules and packs
    • Circular design and recyclability of battery modules and packs
    • Scaling up to (automated) serial production
    • Testing of battery modules and packs

Green Transport Delta-Electrification

Duration: 1 October 2021 to 31 December 2024

The Green Transport Delta-Electrification project aims to develop a strong battery ecosystem in the Netherlands and accelerate the transition to climate-neutral mobility.

Under the leadership of VDL Nedcar, the project partners are working on the development of:

  • a flexible and scalable development and production environment for innovative battery modules and packages (project lead: VDL Nedcar)
  • an improved battery management system, in line with upcoming laws & regulations and application of a National battery passport (project lead: NXP).
  • a modular, bi-directional 1 megawatt charger. Including the integration with energy management systems and fleet planning based on variables such as charging needs, location, local energy production, energy costs, other heavy duty consumers and contractual agreements with energy suppliers (project lead: Heliox).
  • a certified container for safe battery storage and transport that meets both the transport requirements (ADR) and the latest storage requirements (PGS37) (project lead: VDL Staalservice).
  • a blueprint of a scalable battery recycling line suitable for the processing of End-of-Life (EoL) batteries (project lead: TNO).