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Battery systems for a sustainable energy supply

The activities in this pillar focus on acquiring knowledge and competencies in the field of developing and producing bulk batteries. Often these are electrochemically composed of non-critical materials and have an energy storage capacity of a few to ten days. This technology allows us to better balance the power grid and helps electrify industry. This requires knowledge of the battery, its application and its control in the grid. The pillar focuses on two components:

1. Knowledge development on the design, testing and development of innovative, improved and circular bulk batteries.

2. Knowledge development on the application of existing technology and later the new generation of bulk technology and its control in the grid.

The design of the new battery systems is smart, circular and scalable. In the Battery Competence Cluster - NL we are working to jointly realize development, testing and production environments for batteries. These environments are accessible to multiple partners through which we jointly build and share knowledge.