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Battery test facilities in the Netherlands

As the use of batteries in the Netherlands is on the increase, the need to test and certify batteries locally is also growing. The Battery Competence Cluster - NL, jointly with various parties from the battery sector, has developed a list of existing, open test facilities. This platform provides an overview of the battery testing facilities in the Netherlands that are available to companies that want to test and certify their battery products. The overview includes the location of and the party providing the testing facility, and the types of tests offered.

The objective of the platform is:

  • To actively connect developers and users of batteries/battery packs with test facilities to meet testing and certification needs in a faster and better way.
  • To better align facilities by pooling available capacity (where possible).
  • To help parties get access to the right types of tests.

Interactive map

Please use the buttons next to the map to navigate to the various test facilities per theme. The map then shows the uniqueness (score 1-3) and the number of facilities (locations) per region. In case you have any questions or want to get in touch with a specific party, please contact that party directly via their own website.

Is your company's test facility not yet on the map? Then register your test facility with our systems.

Note: We have tried to paint as complete a picture as possible of the test facilities in the Netherlands. If you have a question or comment, please contact us.

Explanation Facilities