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Green Transport Delta – Electrification

Duration: October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024

The Green Transprot Delta Electrification Project aims to develop a strong battery ecosystem in the Netherlands, thereby accelerating the transition to climate-neutral mobility.

To meet the climate objectives and to maintain and improve its competitive position, the Dutch mobility industry must make the transition to a sustainable, circular, smart and safe mobility system. This while R&D budgets are under pressure due to the COVID-19 crisis, and other countries internationally are focusing on (recovery) programs worth billions of euros.

In addition, Dutch companies currently do not yet have sufficient parts of the battery value chain under their own management to be sufficiently distinctive and therefore less dependent on the international market.

Project content

Under the leadership of VDL Nedcar, the project partners are working specifically on the development of:

  1. A flexible and scalable development and production environment for innovative battery modules and packages (leader: VDL Nedcar);
  2. An improved battery management system, in line with upcoming laws & regulations and application of a National Battery Passport (leader: NXP);
  3. A modular, bi-directional 1 megawatt charger. Including integration with energy management systems and fleet planning based on variables such as charging requirement, location, local energy production, energy costs, other large consumers and contractual agreements with energy suppliers (tractor: Heliox);
  4. A certified container for safe battery storage and transport that meets both the transport requirements (ADR) and the latest storage requirements (PGS37) (tractor:  VDL Staalservice);
  5. A blueprint of a scalable battery recycling line suitable for the processing of End-of-Life (EoL) batteries (leader:  TNO).